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Greetings! ¬†We were fortunate enough to collaborate with Ismael Al-Kebsi MD, Neurosurgeon from Yemen, on a Conference, “Topics in Neurosurgery”, in May, 2017, from sana’a, Yemen!

Here are the featured videos, and the times on the videos!



Iype Cherian MD


“Skull Base Cases”

“Keyhole Approach to Posterior Fossa Tumors”

Jhofre Portilla MD, Neurosurgeon from Cuenca, Ecuador
59:00 to 1:32:08


Rogia Al-azzani MD “Trauma brain injury”

1:05 to 10:01

Nouradden Aljaber MD “Anticoagulant in Cerebrovascular Stroke”

16:11 to 52:14

(Look at the roving camera at 41:40, and the background chanting! Great “cinema verite”!)


Victor Hugo Perez Perez MD

“Vascular Anatomy of the Spinal Cord”

00:00 to 26:54

Deepak Gupta MD


26:57 to 52:20

Mauro Segura MD: “Epidermoid Cyst on Cerebellopontine Angle”

1:08:26 to 1:32:12

Chandrashekhar Deopujari MD “Endoscopic Treatment of Hydrocephalus”

1:32:12 TO 2:09:11


Carlos Lluminguano “Spine trauma management in elderly patients”

1:53 TO 27:14

MohammedAl-Dhahir MD: “Neurotrauma: Highlights of Management”

27:14 to 51:16

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