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WAS, LIVE May 20, 2022, WFNS presented “Brain Tumor Awareness” month, with Virtual Workshop with Aneela Darbar MD

FRIDAY, 9:30 Pakistan time, 12:30 am EST……….in words of Organizer, Noor Noor Ul Huda Maria,


….’We are organizing the Gray in May webinar to mark May as the Brain Tumor Awareness month!!

Kindly join us on 20th May, 12:30 pm Brazil, 11:30,am EST, 8:30am Pacific time,4:30pm UK time and 8:30pm Pakistan time. The registration link is as follows:

There will be a  lecture “An Innovative Blood Biomarker for Brain Cancer by Prof.Paul Brennan. It will be followed by a lecture from Prof.Nader Sanai

The lectures are on recent advance in the field and will focus on liquid biopsy, precision medicine and targeted therapy.

We are looking forward to seeing you there”


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