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WAS LIVE, MARCH 27, 2022, LIVE “Q and A” Book Review of “WFNS Guide for Neuroendoscopy” with authors Chandra Deopujari MD and Mahmood Qureshi MD

Sunday, 5 pm IST, 7:30 am EST, Live “Q and A” Book Review of
by authors Chandra Deopujari MD and Mahmood Qureshi MD all about their book
“WFNS Guide for Neuroendoscopy”
Come interact with Chandra and Mahmood at an INTERACTIVE LIVE Overview about their book, with a “Q and A” at the Zoom:

You can order your copies from Amazon. The book is available at Salubris’s storefront in Amazon:
Book Highlights:
◆ This book provides precise information on preoperative considerations, necessary equipment, “step by step” procedure details, complication avoidance for brain conditions, skull-base and the spine. .
◆ It highlights use of navigation and intraoperative ultrasound, confocal neuroendoscopy and future trends .
◆ The book covers all key areas in neuroendoscopy including hydrocephalus, cysts, intraventricular tumors, endoscopic endonasal surgery for tumors in and around the sella and paranasal sinuses, spinal endoscopy and endoscope-assisted techniques .
◆ The chapters are written by eminent subject experts, who are world and regional leaders in their specified fields.
◆ Plenty of real life images, provided for the benefit of the readers.

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