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Neurosurgery Super Sunday Feb 23, Presents Innovative Simulation Tools, UpSurgeon, UpSim, with its Italian Neurosurgeon Authors

This Sunday, Feb 23, 2020,  features  presentations:

Edmundo Valencia MD, Peruvian Neurosurgery Resident, currently in Nepal, at Iype Cherian’s, “Neurosurgery Coach” Program.  Two Presentations:

 Upsurgeon and UpSim: Two  New innovative Neurosurgery Simulation teaching tools, by Italian Neurosurgeons, Federico Nicolosi MD and Giannantonio Spena MD

Here’s info on the platforms:

A revolution in neurosurgery training

UpSim is a hybrid system conceived to fuse virtual simulation for mental training and physical simulation for manual training.

The UpSurgeOn team started analyzing all the critical aspect of mental and manual training in neurosurgery: mental training is essential for procedural automatisms during any step of an approach or any surgical maneuver. It is crucial also for the preoperative planning, like patient positioning, and for microsurgical strategy, like the tridimensional imagination necessary to predict the position of the target. Manual training is the hardest part: microsurgical manipulation of ultra-soft structures under the magnified vision of a surgical microscope.

Simulation has never been so immersive

Simulation has never been so immersive

UpSim: how we realized the first life-like neurosurgical simulator

The Scientific 3D modelling
The anatomical 3D models used to create UpSim have been realized by neurosurgeons and digital artists through a novel process called “Scientific 3D Modelling”. More than 1000 hours of intraoperative validation: the accuracy of the anatomical models of UpSim has never been reached before by a neurosurgical simulator.

The manufacturing processes
UpSim is handmade by an Italian team of 3D modelers and expert manufacturers. Through a sophisticated manufacturing processes we realize each UpSim using ultra soft materials for an incomparable realism. The assembly of anatomical parts is made under a microscope and checked by a team of experts.

Augmented Reality: augmented proficiency!

Augmented Reality: augmented proficiency!

The Augmented Reality will improve your mental training: from patient positioning to dissection steps

UpSim is a hybrid simulator, a new concept of training tool. It is a physical scenario which interact with a mobile App for AR (Augmented Reality). The App complete the physical box projecting on it the exact position of the patient and simulating all the steps of the superficial approach, from skin incision to the dura opening. In this way you can train your mental and manual skills learning each step of a neurosurgical approach and of a microsurgical exploration through physical and digital information.

Start training today the surgeon you will be tomorrow

Start training today the surgeon you will be tomorrowDeveloped by neurosurgeons to train all the microsurgical skills to become an expert neurosurgeon

Neurosurgery is one of the most complex disciplines to learn. It requires a continuous mental and manual training.

UpSim neurosurgical box is a simulator for the advanced training in neurosurgery which combine digital and physical components. It reproduces all the steps of a microsurgical procedure combining a physical scenario with an augmented reality simulation, from the skin incision to microsurgical manipulation of deep neuroanatomy.

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