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Tyumen, Russia Channel



At Neurosurgical.TV, we are starting a collaboration with the “Federal Center of Neurosurgery Research” in Tyumen, Russial  This institute is headed by Albert Sufianov MD, noted Russian neurosurgeron.  Here is the website of the CENTER.

Here are a few of the conferences we have televised from the center:

RUSSIAN WEBCAST #1: Feb 14, 2018 (In Russian)

“Transnasal Endoscopic Approaches in Neurosurgery” Conference Nov 13, 14: 2016

“Skull Based Surgery” Conference Oct 13-15…..

Here is a map showing the location, in this huge country:

Here are some photos of the center, taken from a talk given by Dr. Sufianov, including a CONTACT page at the end, to get more information







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