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Tyumen, Russia Channel



At Neurosurgical.TV, we are starting a collaboration with the “Federal Center of Neurosurgery Research” in Tyumen, Russial¬† This institute is headed by Albert Sufianov MD, noted Russian neurosurgeron.¬† Here is the website of the CENTER.

Here are a few of the conferences we have televised from the center:

RUSSIAN WEBCAST #1: Feb 14, 2018 (In Russian)

“Transnasal Endoscopic Approaches in Neurosurgery” Conference Nov 13, 14: 2016

“Skull Based Surgery” Conference Oct 13-15…..

Here is a map showing the location, in this huge country:

Here are some photos of the center, taken from a talk given by Dr. Sufianov, including a CONTACT page at the end, to get more information







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