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Two ACNS Neurosurgery Student Presentations NOW LIVE


On Sunday at 5:15 IST, we have two presentions by Medical Students with an affinity for Neurosurgery, who have formed the online group, of “ACNS Neurosurgery Students Society“.

The first presentation is by Romanian med student, Francesca Paslaru, the head of the Romania Chapter of the Walter Dandy Society, on

“Changes of the age pattern in Glioma patients”.
The second talk, by Croatian Neurosurgical Wunderkind, Slaven Gojkovic, who is head of the Croatian Chapter of the Walter Dandy Society, who is going to present, “Albert Rhoton’s Neuroanatomy Series”.  These will be televised LIVE ONLINE, at www.Neurosurgical.TV
Any med student interested in sitting on the panel is more than welcome, write me, John Bennett MD

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