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Recorded LIVE, today: Neurosurgery Super Sunday with two Presentations: Skull Base Basics, and Connecting Connectones in Neurosurgery

Sunday, at 5 pm IST, Iype Cherian MD, head of the ACNS Education, gives a presentation of “Skill Sets Needed in Skull Base Surgery”, hoping to create an interactive session with Neurosurgery Residents.  And Michael Sughrue MD, a Neurosurgeon from Oklahoma, now in Australia, woking at Prince of Wales Hospital, in Sydney, Australia, presents, “The Connectone for Neurosurgeons”.  (What is a Connectone? WIKI SAYS!)   To enter the panel, take this LINK of Zoom.

Come in and interact with Dr. Cherian, and/or Michael!  This tech is an imminent event for education so might as well start now!

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