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THURSDAY, DAY#2 OF The 5th Yemen Neurosurgry Scientific Hybrid Conference, TECH DIFFICULTIES, BUT NOW BACK ONLINE


FROM Yemen: From 8 am to 6 pm, Yemen time

“The 5th Yemen Neurosurgery Scientific Hybrid Conference”, Keeping up with the progress towards a better future”

The Yemeni neurosurgical society YNS in collaboration with, are preparing for the 5th Yemeni neurosurgical hybrid scientific conference on 29th, 30th November 2023,
with a solid lineup of Neurosurgery speakers:
From 8:00 am Yemen time to 5:30 pm
SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Yasargil, Lawton, Goel, Borba, Benes, Sbeih, Cherian, Shah, Hugo Perez, Parthiban, Sharif, and many international and local Yemeni Neurosurgeon speakers……
For Free registration ( Online ) please enter the following link:


DAY #1


DAY #2









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