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JUST RECORED TODAY…..LIVE…..Thursday, 7 pm Rangoon Time, 6 pm IST, Myanmar Grand Rounds presents “Traumatic Brain Injury” LIVE

THURSDAY, February 24th, 7 pm Myanamar Time, 6 pm IST, 7:30 am EST, 8:30 pm CHINA, 9:30 pm JAPAN,

For new series, MYANMAR GRAND ROUNDS, we present
“Traumatic Brain Injury”
presented by India Neurosurgeon, Prof. G Murugesen, from Dept. of Neurosurgery, Colmbatore Medical College in India
Organized by the group, Medical Family Mandalay, in its Tele Education Program (Facebook Page:, also televised on the Homepage of Webcasts for the Medical Family Mandalay at


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