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TONIGHT, THURSDAY, 7 pm Brazil time, CENEPAR of Brazil presents webcast on “Cerebrovascular microsurgery”, with presentations by Luis Borba MD, Bin Xu MD, and Jean Olivera MD

THURSDAY, …………..CENEPAR of Brazil, presents the following didactic schedule,
Lecture Schedule:

THURSDAY, 7 pm. Luis Borba MD, head of WFNS And FLANC Neurosurgery education, presents, “Cerebrovascular Muscrosurgical Anatomy”
8 pm Bin Xu MD, the “Bypass King of China”, and of Shanghai presents, “Basic Concepts of Vascular Neurosurgery”

FRIDAY at 8 am: Dr. Jean Olivera of Sao Paulo, p resents “Microsurgical Management of Brain Aneurysms”
SATURDAY, Dr Jean Olivera at 8 am “Microsurgical Management of Brain AVMs”

We will try to set up for the LIVE SURGERY SESSIONS, and keep you updated…………..


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