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“The Jordan Method”

This is the “Jordan Method”, a method of broacasting presentations, Grand Rounds, etc. without having to have techs, or camera people.  Thanks to Yemeni Neurosurgical resident, Abdullah Fatah MD, now in Jordan.  To Start, you need a good laptop as your central nidus.

MUST have a good internet connection, at least 10 Mbs.  You can test it at

Here is what it looks like in the auditoreum, below

The laptop needs to be connected to the Big Screen in auditoreum, to show the Power Point from computer, as well as connected to, through the platform of

A great headset, cheap too, is Cyberacoustics; good microphone and hearing; wired, which can be used in scenarios like this

To connect the laptop to the Auditoreum screen, needs to be done through the HDMI Port of the Laptop 


They used the “Jordan Method” in Romania, for this talk by Elena Nestian, aspiriing neurosurgeon!

See what it looks like on the video of this presentation, below

and can work in a location this size very effectively, below


To see examples of Conferences televised this way, go to

See how to make a direct connection from the Auditorium Screen to the controlling Laptop

To see the difference between televising from the Power Point ON the laptop, compared with video ing the screen: 


See the image created when the background screen has motion; it makes the screen exiting

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