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Surgical Theater allows Neurosurgeon to Rehearse Surgery


(Disclosure: NOT A PAID AD)

In today’s clip from the Piper Sandler 33rd Annual Virtual Healthcare Conference, COO Alon Zuckerman highlights a few of our remarkable patient stories. Undoubtedly, the most rewarding part of our work is to hear the impact we have made on the lives of many.

Surgical Theater allows the surgeon to rehearse a procedure in 360°-3D as many times as necessary to ensure the best outcomes possible. Surgeons are now able to see the unseen, empowering them to plan the most optimal approach to resect the pathology.

Surgical Theater also provides the patient with an unparalleled familiarization of their unique anatomy and pathology. Surgical Theater 360°-3D XR is proven to increase patient satisfaction, improve patient engagement and patient education.

Watch the video below to learn more. To view the full presentation, click the link here 👉

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