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“Neurosurgery Super Sunday” Televised……

Last Sunday we had  another strong line-up of “Neurosurgery Super Sunday”.  Led off with Iype Cherian MD, Nepal Neurosurgeon who heads the new Neurosurgery Neuroscience Teaching Center in Biratnagar, Nepal; Iype is going to talk about “Skills in Neurosurgery”; Juha Hernesniemi MD, Finnish Neurosurgeon Master of Videos, followed speaking on “Brain Tumors”; Chandra Deopujari MD, India Neurosurgery Master, and ex-President of the India Neurosurgical Society,  will speak on “Scope and Limitations of Endoscopic Skull-Based Surgery”; Roy Thomas Daniel MD, of Lausanne, Switzerland, visiting professor at the Neurosurgical center in Tyumen, Russia, gave two talks from Tyumen “Surgical treatment of Craneopharygiomas”, and “Rare tumors of the Sella”Andrea Gerosa MD, Italian Neurosurgery Resident, will finished with “CSF, Hydrocephalus, and Cisternostomy: New Insights”.

Please contact me, John Bennett MD, at, if you would like to be on the panel of any of these fine presentations.

All LIVE on www.Neurosurgical.TV!!

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