“ACNS/Neurosurgical TV Super Sunday” Now!!! LIVE!!!!!

(image: Iype Cherian MD)

“ACNS/Neurosurgical tV Super Sunday Webcasts will continue this Sunday, December 24th,  at 5 p.m. IST,  8 a.m. EST, 1 p.m. CET, 2 p.m.  Africa, 3 pm in Saudi Arabia, and 9 p.m. in Japan, LIVE, INTERACTIVE on www.Neurosurgical.tv.”

These webinars are under the direction of Iype Cherian MD, noted Neurosurgeon from Nobel Medical College in Biratnagar, Nepal, who will chose topics each week

 Iype Cherian MD will start things off discussing “Extradural Lateralization of the Temporal Lobe Through a Transcavernous Approach” at 5:00 pm IST, and famous Finnish Neurosurgeon, Juha Hernesniemi MD, will talk about “Arteriovenous Malformations” at 6 IST:

Dr. Juha Hernesniemi

and Dr Perez will present “Surgical Anatomy of the Cavernous Sinus“, at 7:00 pm IST.

Dr. Victor Hugo Perez Perez

No need to register, just watch on the main page of www.Neurosurgical.tv

And if any of these talks hold a special interest for you, and you want to sit on the panel, please email me, John Bennett MD of Neurosurgical.tv, at [email protected].

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