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Today, Three Neurosurgery Lectures for the ACNS Neurosurgical Students Society

IN our regular weekly Sunday lecture series in Neurosurgery for the ACNS Neurosurgical Students Society this week, we have three lectures:

1) At 7 pm Pakistan time, we have Abdul Rana MD, a renown Parkinsonism Neurologist from Toronto Canada, speaking on “Deep Brain Stimulus: Role of Neurology and Neurosurgery”

2) At 8 pm, we have the head of Neurosurgery education for the ACNS, Iype Cherian MD, speaking on “CSF: Past, Present, Future”

3) At 9 pm, we have Juma Magogo MD, Neurosurgeon from Tanzania, giving a Case Presentation on “Hyena Bite of the Skull”.

If you want to be on the panel, it is required that you can use the Google Hangout platform, so email me to get oriented

John Bennett MD,

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