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Sunday, 8:30 pm CHINA TIME, 7:30 am EST, “China Live Dissection” with Dr Su Yandong, with special guest, Victor “Rhoton-cito” Hugo Perez Perez


NOVEMBER 26, 7:30 China time, 6:30 am EST, 5 pm IST, 8:30 pm JAPAN


Before dissection, Dr. Su will show structures of region III, IV and V of neck on cadaver. During dissection, Dr. Su will expose each muscle in suboccipital region and their innervations, C0-C1, C1-C2 and C2-C3 facets, C1, C2 nerves and their rami, roots and ganglions. Dr. Su will also show C1-C2 fixation technique, VA transposition technique and technical nuances of skenitonizing jugular bulb while keeping the integrity of mastoid cortex. Finally Dr. Su will dissect region II of neck. If time permitted, Dr. Su will further show anterolateral approach.

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