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Sunday, 5:30 PM IST, 7 am EST, Iype Cherian MD examines The Seven Series, by Michael Lawton, and will try to INTERACT with Global Neurosurgeons



 5:30 pm , 7 am EST, 1 pm CET, 8 pm CHINA, 9 pm JAPAN
Iype superimposes a ZOOM, while slowly examining a video from the groundbreaking “The 7 Series Collection”.

The purpose of this webcast is to make the Global Neurosurgery audience aware of this Series, and how the state of the art producton style is structured, and how Zoom may potentially add another level of participation from a Global audience.

For the participants, please review this short 8 minute video, and know it COLD, before our webcast on Sunday, for maximum benefit. WE WANT INTERACTION FROM ALL PARTS OF THE GLOBE, BECAUSE EVERYONE BENEFITS….

#VIDEO: 154: “Clipping of a Superior Hypophyseal Artery Aneurysm with Extra-Dural Anterior Clinoidectomy”



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