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“Sudan Neurosurgery Grand Rounds” Tuesday 1:15 pm EST, 5:15 GMT LIVE, Here, “Treatment of Gliomas: Long-Term Management”

(NOTE: If you want to be on the panel and are at a good internet connection, CLICK HERE!!)

Today,  May 1st, at 5:30 p.m. GMT Neurosurgical TV will introduce the new channel of “Sudan Neurosurgery”, started by a forward-thinking group of Neurosurgical residents, from this African country. The recurrent weekly program will be called “Sudan Neurosurgery Grand Rounds”.

The first presentation will be JAAFAR AL SANOUSY (a Sudanese Neurosurgeon, practicing in Oman)  presenting “Long Term Management of Gliomas”  We hope to use the improved video tech to bring the latest in Neurosurgery education from all parts ot the world,  to all parts of the world, including Africa..


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