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Sudan Channel


On Tuesday, April 24th, at 5:30 p.m. GMT Neurosurgical TV introduced the new channel of “Sudan Neurosurgery”, started by a forward-thinking group of Neurosurgical residents, led by Mujahid Imad, from this African country.


November 25, 2018: Kiran M MD, of India, presented “Craneovertebral Junction Surgery”


November 18, 2018: Abo Yasser MD, presented “Sylvian Vein Dissection”

October 31, 2018: Mujahid Imam MD, presented “Olfactory Groove Meningioma”


August 14: Juma Magogo, Neurosurgeon from Tanzania, presents, “Management of CSF Leakage”

August 7, 2018: Ahmed A Mujeeb MD presents “Foramen Magnum Meningioma”

May 8, 2018: Moaz Ibrahim MD Neurosurgical Resident from Sudan, discusses “Sylvian Dissection” 

May 6, 2018: Victor Hugo Perez Perez MD, Neurosurgeon from Mexico, world-renown Neuroanatomist, presents, “Spinal Vascular Neuroanatomy

MAY 1, 2018: “LONG TERM MANAGEMENT OF GLIOMAS“, by Gaafer Alhaj MD, Sudanese Neurosurgeon, practicing in Oman

The first presentation was Iype Cherian’s “Overview of Cisternostomy”  April 24, 2018

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