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NOW LIVE………..”So you want to be a Neurosurgeon”, from the Brain and Spine Group, Feb 20, 2024

LIVE, NOW, from the Brain and Spine Group,

“So you want to be a Neurosurgeon” with Zachary Taylor MD

from director Ryan Ryan Radwanski MD:

“As we’ve talked about in our previous episodes, the road to a career in neurosurgery is long and winding. In our first season, we discussed numerous professional development aspects relevant to students applying into neurosurgery – subinternships, interviews, the match, research, etc. As we enter Season 2, we will be kicking off our subspecialty spotlight series: So You Want To Be A Neurosurgeon? In this first episode, our series lead Zachary Taylor will discuss the concept for the subsequent episodes.

In each episode of The Neurosurgery Journey, aspiring neurosurgeons and featured guests sit down to discuss the ever winding journey into neurosurgery. As an evolution of Brain & Spine Group’s popular podcast, The Neurosurgery Journey provides a live, openly accessible forum for viewers like you to engage with our students as they break down the latest in professional development and research.”

second video follows with Peds Hydrocephalus by Mark M. Souweidane, M.D from Weill Cornell Neurosurgery

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