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See the Talks of Sunday’s webinar of “Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus”, in 7 separate videos, take your pick!

Michael Sughrue MD presents “Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus”

Kiyoshi Takagi MD: “Idiopathic Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus Treatment Guidelines” Dec 2018

Prof Takashi Kawahara MD: LP Shunt in Idiopathic NPH

Geraldo Vaz Neurosurgeon: “ICP Monitoring in INPH

Alberto Feletti MD: VP Shunt Complications in the NPH European Multicenter Study

Stephane Goutagny MD Neurosurgeon: “Ventriculo-atrial Shunting”: Dec 2018

Satya Sanapati: Neurosurgeon Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus: Management of NPH: Dec 2018

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