See the Playlist of the 5 presentations at the recent “Neuroanatomy and Augmented Reality” Online Conference, from Sicily, Singapore, and Salzburg

See the recently concluded (2 days ago)

PLAYLIST of the five presentations in webcast,

“Neuroanatomy and Augmented Reality”with groups from Sicily, Singapore, Salzburg collaborating


1) “Augmented Reality in Neurosurgery”, by Giuseppe Umana MD, et al.

2) “Future and Challenges of Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Reality In Neurosurgery” by Paolo Palmisciano MD, Catania, Sicily

3) “Importance of Veins for Neurosurgery as Landmarks Against Brain Shifting Phenomenon” by Santino Ottavio Tomasi MD

4) “NUHS Holomedicine Program”, by Gao Yujin PhD

5) “The use of Microsoft Hololens 2 0 in Brain Tumour Surgery”, by Dr. Swati Jain

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