See Recorded Presentations, Edited from few days ago, with the EWNC Collaboration with Neurosurgical TV

RECORDINGS OF PRESENTATIONS FOR THE EWNC ACADEMY/NEUROSURGICAL TV COLLABORATION ON “Pterional Approach step by step from Basics to Advancements” February 2021


Introduction EWNC Academy Neurosurgical Approaches Series with Sameh Elmorsy Hassan MD


 Michael Lawton MD: “Pterional Approach in the Management of Vascular Lesions”


Feres Chaddad MD: “Pterional Craniotomy” being edited

Abidha Shah MD: “Pterional Craniotomy: Basics”

 Prof Giacomo Pavesi: “Strategies to enhance working space through periodal approach during early aneurysm surgery”

  Prof Hischam Bassiouri: “Retractless Microsurgery via the Pterional Approach”

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