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was…..LIVE………July 29, 2023, 8 pm IST, Iype Cherian’s “Neurosurgery Innovations”, presents “3 D webcast of “The New Era of Exoscopes, Endoscopes, and Ergonomics in Neurosurgery”

Saturday, July 29th, 8 pm IST, Iype Cherian will demonstrate, overall, the visual upgrade given the Neurosurgeon with an EXOSCOPE, compared with regular Microscope in the OR, showing the screen the surgeon’s sees looking at operative field.

Video platforms are evolving into a MORE IMMERSIVE experience, but for now, we need YOUR HELP

The viewer should prepare for the webcast by getting two things ready,  BEFORE THE WEBCAST:

1) 3d Glasses: cheap to get, from Amazon,

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2. VLC media player

Official Downloads of VLC media player


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Apple Platforms

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