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Russian Association of Young Neurosurgeons

Starting a new channel, “Russian Association of Young Neurosurgeons”, headed by Ibrahim Salamov MD, of Tyumen, Russia.  We are toying with building a specialized STUDIO, for this group.  See their active FACEBOOK PAGE as well as their RAYNS | РАМНХ Page

Ibrahim Salamov MD

See a project from one of the co-founders of RAYNS, Oleg, Олег Титов,  who founded his own neurosurgical laboratory of open access – OPEN BRAIN ( 9 working places, microscopes, macro- and microinstruments and so on! Like a gym for neurosurgeons.


#1: “Neuronavigation in vertebral Surgery” December 9, 2018

by Herman Leonardo Abril-Arenas MD from Colombia, now doing a first year residency in Neurosurgery at Albert Sufianof‘s Neurosurgical Research Center in Tyumen, Russia


Herman Leonardo Abril-Arenas MD

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