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Russia Conference on “Skull Base Surgery” to be broadcast on Neurosurgical.TV Oct 13, 14, 15



Neurosurgical TV will be televising LIVE a conference from Tyumen, Russia, October 13, 14, 15.  The head of the Department of Neurosurgery, of the State Medical Univeristy, Albert Sufianov MD is the director.  Included in the cast of presenters is world-renown skull  base surgeon, Luis Borba MD, from Brazil.

To register, go HERE.

To see the schedule, go HERE

The broadcast will be on the STUDIO page, at www.Neurosurgical.TV/studio

The site of the conference, “The Federal Centre of Neurosurgery of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation of Tyumen” is located in Tyumen Russia, and is the site of a few Neurosurgical conferences and workshops every year.  It is dedicated to Innovations in Neurosurgery, funded by the Russian government.  It was officially  opened in 2011.

 See their WEBSITE for more information.


Applied technologies of the Federal Centre of Neurosurgery in Tyumen

The center provides a number of advanced technologies. So, the venous vacuum blood sampling used in the children’s department reduces the discomfort and the infection risks.[13] The vertebrological department provides the endoscopic elimination of intervertebral disk hernia. The technology provided by the German company JOIMAX makes it possible to maintain a surgery without the use of general anaesthesia.[14] The oncology department explores the Norwegian system of dynamic 3D neuronavigationSonoWand.[15] The intraoperative neuromonitor ISIS IOM of the German company Inomed Medizintechnik applied in the functional neurosurgery department helps to conduct the chips-stimulators implantation which are used for the vagus nerve stimulation.[16] The patients can turn off the painful sensation at any point using remote control.[17][18]

The minimally invasive surgery is provided due to the mobile tomographic microscope O-arm ® Surgical Imaging System of the American company Medtronic.[8] It is necessary to notice that the surgery is equipped by a telemedicine system which allows the surgeons to get the consultations in real time mode from any specialists all over the world.[5]

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