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From Aminata Y. Sallah to All Panelists: 07:52 AM
GreetingsSir, For this high level tactile sense, is there a good virtual or simulation tool that helps to develop and improve this ability
identification of disc space with puncture of disc. If worng space is identified -is this puncture of disc leads to degenerative change of disc?
From gurunthan to All Panelists: 07:55 AM
I have problem in suturing omohyoid muscle since we are cutting it across the direction of muscle fibres. can you suggest any tips. Dr.Gurunathan india
From Me to Rakib Sohel: (Privately) 08:00 AM
city and country?
From Chiazor Onyia to All Panelists: 08:03 AM
Thank you very much for the excellent lecture on ACDF. What is your opinion about using just pituitary rongeurs and Kerrison punch for the osteophysectomy instead of the drill (especially for safety)? Dr. Chiazor Onyia, from Lagos in Nigeria

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