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Piggy Back Zoom of Dr. Lawton’s Seven Series Collection


  1.  Presenter does not have to prepare anything; he brings his life of Neurosurgery to the proceedings.

2. All students will hopefully come prepared by watching the video to be presented at least a few timeS; most are in range o 7 minutes, so easily doable, and maybe a little fun!

and hopefully questions formed before the presentaion even starts.

3) Presenter goes at his own pace, but maintains his priority of INTERACTION and not covering a lot of grounds, and cases.

I feel the presenter can go slowly, slower than usual.

4) Layers of learning include the anatomy, surgical techniques of dr lawton, then a layer of Neurosurgery knowledge by the interviewing surgeon, and from the audience, etc

5) I feel that students may be less shy with Iype, and more likely to interact.



1) As video plays, presenter can stop where ever he wants and do

comment whatever on the video, and generally his thoughts.  Presenter uses his judgement, of course, about criticism of Dr. Lawton, but you know about all that stuff.














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