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Pieter Kubben MD, Dutch Neurosurgeon, in regular teaching Neurosurgery Videos done today: This week: “Transexamic Acid after SAH” at

In this short video you’ll get a short overview of the NeurExplain selection of neurosurgical literature. The separate images can be found on the social media as mentioned on – subscribe for regular updates! DOI’s of this week’s videos: – tranexamic acid after sah: 10.1016/S0140-6736(20)32518-6 – focused ultrasound subthalamotomy in parkinson’s disease: – seizure prediction using prodromal symptoms with machine learning:

On January 26th, go to THIS WEBSITE     To view the 9 Finalists, including Pieter, to

Discover the 9 Finalists for the 1st Brain Innovation Award for Best Pitch

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