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Online Neurosurgical Journal Club started, here’s first one: topic: “Steroids in Spine Trauma”

Greetings and Salutations Neurosurgical Community!

Silky Chotai MD, Spine Outcomes Fellow, Vanderbilt Spine Center, Nashville, NT,  is creating a “Neurosurgical Global Journal Club”, starting in February 18th at 1 pm.  See some of the papers that Dr. Chotai has been involved in HERE..

We would like to have Neurosurgical panelists, about 3 or 4, to participate and make for a lively discussion, so please email me, John Bennett MD, at [email protected], if you want to be a panelist.

Here’s is the topic


Use of Steroids in Spine Trauma: Current Evidence and Practice

: Discuss NASCIS, Trials I, II, III, and AANS Guidelines on Management of Acute Spinal Cord Injury


Please contact me, John Bennett MD, at [email protected], if you have interest.  We will firm up the dates and let you know!


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