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Online Neurosurgical Journal Club started, here’s first one: topic: “Steroids in Spine Trauma”

Greetings and Salutations Neurosurgical Community!

Silky Chotai MD, Spine Outcomes Fellow, Vanderbilt Spine Center, Nashville, NT,  is creating a “Neurosurgical Global Journal Club”, starting in February 18th at 1 pm.  See some of the papers that Dr. Chotai has been involved in HERE..

We would like to have Neurosurgical panelists, about 3 or 4, to participate and make for a lively discussion, so please email me, John Bennett MD, at, if you want to be a panelist.

Here’s is the topic


Use of Steroids in Spine Trauma: Current Evidence and Practice

: Discuss NASCIS, Trials I, II, III, and AANS Guidelines on Management of Acute Spinal Cord Injury


Please contact me, John Bennett MD, at, if you have interest.  We will firm up the dates and let you know!


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