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Online HERE, Sunday 1 pm China Time, “Cisternostomy” with Chinese and English Presentations

Sunday at 1 pm China time, 1 am EST, 7 am CET, we are hosting a webinar on “Cisternostomy” with 8 presentations.  Half the presentations will be in Chinese, with English slides.  The other half will be in English.  There will be an interactive hour, hosted by Iype Cherian, director of the conference and noted Nepal Neurosurgeon, and a big proponent of Cisternostomy.  We hope thie is an interactive sessio and ask specific questions of Dr. Cherian about Cisternostomy.

Anyone in the Neurosurgery Brotherhood is welcome to join the panel we have LOTS of spots!…sh-presentations/

Here’s the information to join the panel:

From a Desktop/Laptop, click on this link

From a Smartphone, Webinar # 113 994 944 are numbers to insert

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