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Master Class for Spinal Nucleoplasty

Dear colleagues!

We invite you to take part in a theoretical and practical master class dedicated to the minimally invasive method of treating the spine – cold plasma.

November 25-26, in St. Petersburg, Russia, in person, Place: Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 199178,  Pirogov Clinic, Bolshoi prospect V.O. 49-51

or see it virtually at

Here are messages from the Organizers of this Conference:

Dr. Tariq Saud Sinan

Dr Grigory Asaturyan


Day 1. 25.11.2017. Theory

9.30 Shuttle Bus from hotel to Sokos Vassilevsky Congress Hall
9.45 Registration of participants
10.00 Welcome speeches of organizers:

– Valery S. Gendelev
– Feir Zeng
– Vlad Tiplitsky
10.30 Dr. Grigory Assaturyan
Lecture with video support

– Percutaneous nucleoplasty (RF plasma, coblation)

10 years and 5000 cases of practical experience in spine minimal invasive in Pirogov clinic
and Polenov Fedelal Neurosurgical Institute

12.30 Coffee-break

13.00 Dr. Tariq Saud Sinan
Lecture with video support

– Nucleoplasty. Theory, technique and results
– Minimally invasive treatment of spine disease
14.00 Mrs. Feir Zeng, Mr. Vlad Tiplitsky

Presentation of Bonss Medical Ltd.

RF-Plasma equipment for spine minimal invasive
14.30 Discussing. Questions and answers
15.00 Lunch

16.00 – 19.00 City-tour for participants. Return to hotel

Day 2. 26.11.2017. Practice

9.30 Shuttle Bus from hotel to Pirogov Clinic Conference room

10.00 Real minimal invasive spine cases

8-12 operations. Cervical, lumbar and thoracic cases
On-line broadcasting from operational theatre to conference hall. Possibility of personal
appearance of participants in small groups

Operator: Dr. G.Asaturyan
Moderator in conference hall: Dr. T.Sinan

13.00 Coffee-break
20.00 Gala Dinner for participants
16-00 Visit to one of the largest museums in the world – the Hermitage
22.00 Return to hotel


The participation fee…….. 1100 USD per 1 person (incl. VAT and taxes)

To view Entire Event ONLINE: $300 on

– Registration and participation in all events of the Master-class
– The participant document’s package
– Accomodation in 4 stars hotel. Single, including breakfast
– Full informational and organizational assistance
– International Certificate of Master-class participant

Please send your requests for participations and for invoices to

All requests should be sent and until 15 September 2017

Contact persons:

+79219445359 Phone, WhatsUpp Valery Gendelev

-for ONLINE Virtual Viewing, email:

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