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NSpine Schedule


One can never get enough of this beautiful sight.

Day 1: Monday 12 June – Live from Lecture Theatre 1

Clinical Keynotes

08:45 Welcome & Chair, Bronek Boszczyk
09.00 From Harrington to Heavy Metal – Can we outsmart nature? Dietrich Schlenzka
09.20 Metal density in deformity surgery – an evidence based appraisal of correlation with outcome, Michael Grevitt
09.40 Managing radiculopathy through foraminoplasty in degenerative lumbar deformity, Martin Knight
Primary Tumour I – Chair: Robert Ashford

10.40 Benign and malignant – biology of primary spinal tumours, Luca Boriani
11.00 Which primary bone tumours respond well to non-surgical treatment, Marcin Czyz
11. 20 Treatment strategies in aneurysmal bone cysts of the spine, Luca Boriani
11.40 Histiocytosis of the spine – diagnosis and management, Marcin Czyz
12.00 Managing paravertebral soft tissue sarcomas, Robert Ashford
12.20 Discussion Panel

Primary Tumour ll – Chair: Alessandro Gasbarrini

14.00 Surgical planning strategies and intraoperative handling of different primary tumour types – “from no touch to planned trangression”, Peter Varga
14.20 Avoiding construct failures in curative tumour surgery, Marcin Czyz
14.40 Discussion Panel

Sex & Spine Keynotes l – Chair: Eleanor Dunstan
17.00 Considering sexual dysfunction in spinal patients, Eleanor Dunstan
17.20 Sexual Dysfunction and Anterior Spinal Surgery, Marcin Czyz
17.40 Return to sexual activity after spinal surgery, Eleanor Dunstan

Day 2: Tuesday 13 June – Live from Lecture Theatre 1

Clinical Keynotes – Chair: Max Aebi

09.00 History of spinal deformity from ancient India to today, John Kostuik
09.20 The aging spine – treatment and socioeconomic impact, Max Aebi
09.40 Advances in Understanding of Modic Changes, Frances Williams (SBPR)

Non-primary Spinal Tumours l – Chair: Petr Rehousek

10.40 SMOU – spinal metastasis of unknown origin – advanced imaging and assessment strategies, Petr Rehousek
11.00 Decision making based on metastatic tumour type, Alexander Disch
11.20 Separation surgery for spinal metastasis and radiation – concept and technique, Petr Rehousek
11.40 Managing pancoast tumours, Alexander Disch
12.00 Surgical challenges in vascularised tumours, Marcel Ivanov
12.20 Discussion Panel

Non-primary Spinal Tumours II – Chair: Alexander Disch

14.00 Resecting solitary spinal metastases, Alexander Disch
14.20 Plasmocytoma and multiple myeloma – current treatment strategies, Sean Molloy
14.40 Discussion Panel

Non-primary Spinal Tumours III – Chair: Peter Varga

15.40 Challenges in giant nerve sheath tumours, Marcel Ivanov
16.00 Dumbell and paravertebral tumours – thoracic surgery approach to resection, Andrzej Majewski
16.20 Managing large pelvic nerve sheath tumours, Peter Varga
16.40 Discussion Panel

Sex & Spine Keynotes – II – Chair: Magnum Tsegaye

17.00 Sexual dysfunction in Cauda Equina Syndrome, Magnum Tsegaye
17.20 Treatment options in neurogenic male erectile dysfunction, David Ralph
17.40 Strategies and aids in treating female sexual dysfunction following neural injury, Angela Gregory

Day 3: Wednesday 14 June – Live from Lecture Theatre 1

NASS Keynotes – Chair: Todd Wetzel

09.00 Residency and Fellowship Training in the USA following the 60 hour work week legislation, Todd Wetzel (NASS)
09.20 EANS Recommendations for Residency Training and Fellowships – Adapting to Working Time Restrictions, Wilco Peul (EANS)
09.40 Surgery for back pain – a good idea? Scott Blumenthal

Lumbar Arthroplasty – Chair: Scott Blumenthal

10.40 State of Lumbar Arthroplasty Based on Evidence, Scott Blumenthal
11.00 Is stand alone ALIF preferred for L5-S1, Jean-Paul Steib
11.20 Lumbar arthroplasty in high physical demand patients, Michael Mayer
11.40 Revision strategies for lumbar ADR, Scott Blumenthal
12.00 Case based arthroplasty options in scoliosis and junctional levels, Jean-Paul Steib
12.20 Discussion Panel

Cervical Arthroplasty I – Chair: Michael Mayer

14.00 Maintaining motion in degenerative cervcal motion segments, Jean-Paul Steib
14.20 Cervical arthroplasty concepts – what is proven, what is new and promising, Michael Mayer
14.40 Discussion Panel

Cervical Arthroplasty II – Chair: Scott Blumenthal

15.40 Is Arthroplasty now the Gold Standard for 1 Level Cervical Herniated Nuleus Pulposus? Scott Blumenthal
16.00 When is hybrid preferred over Multilevel cervical disc replacement, Jean-Paul Steib
16.20 Cervical arthroplasty in high level athletes, Richard Nelson
16.40 Discussion Panel

Sex & Spine Keynotes III – Chair: Angela Gregory

17.00 Body image and sexual function, Angela Gregory
17.20 Spinal Biomechanics of Sex, Maryem-Fama Ismael Aguirre
17.40 Positioning aids and assistive devices, Angela Gregory

Day 4: Thursday 15 June – Live from Lecture Theatre 1

Clinical Keynotes – Chair: Marek Szpalski

09.00 Incubator Transport – Crashtest Analysis of Restraint Systems and Neonate Neck Injury, Donal McNally
09.20 Emerging Technologies from D-air – Dangerous Sports: Safety from the Unexpected Side, Vittorio Cafaggi (Dainese)
09.40 Emerging Brain-Machine-Interface technologies in the treatment of spinal cord injuries, Andrew Jackson

EANS: Spinal Cord Injuries I – Chair: Wouter Moojen

10.40 Clinical cervical spinal cord contusion syndromes & EBM debate, Claudius Thome
11.00 Timing of surgery in spinal cord injury, Doris Maier
11.20 Pro-Early Timing Surgery in SCI, Maarten Coppes
11.40 Active Physiological Conservative Management in Spinal Cord Injuries, Wagih El Masri

12.00 Management of posttraumatic syringomyelia, Sanj Bassi
12.20 Discussion Panel
EANS: Spinal Cord Injuries II – Chair: G Balamurali

14.00 Managing autonomic dysreflexia, Paul Harrison
14.20 Managing spasticity following spinal cord injuries, G Balamurali
14.40 Discussion Panel

EANS: Spinal Cord Injuries III – Chair: Maarten Coppes

15.40 Classification TL-Spine Fracture related SCI, Enrico Tessitore
16.00 Brachial plexus injuries: etiopathogenesis and management, Radek Kaiser
16.20 Ethical Pediatric SCI Case Discussion, Wilco Peul

16.40 Discussion Panel

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