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NOW LIVE, Spine Conference from the Bombay Spine Society, presenting “Osteoporotic Fracture Management”

Bombay Spine Society Fellows Academic Program 2021
Date : Wednesday 26th May 2021
Time: 9pm onwards
1. Dr. A.B.Goregaonkar
2. Dr. Vikas Gupte
3. Dr. Nikhil Joshi
Topic : ” * Osteoporotic Fracture Management”
For queries contact
:- BSS fellow teaching committee
Dr Abhay Nene
Dr Nikhil Arbatti
Dr Akhil Tawari
Dr Dhiraj Sonawane
Dr Ayush Sharma
BSS Secretary: Dr Vishal Kundnani
BSS President : Dr S K Srivastava
Technology Co-Ordinator : Dr Neeraj Bijlani / Dr Ashok Shyam .
Organised by Bombay Spine Society – Streaming on OrthoTV –
Supported by Emcure | The Makers of Celol Max, Osteri, Emanzen-D, Proxym-XT

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