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WAS LIVE…JUNE 18, 2022……….Saturday, 8 pm China time, “Central China Neurosurgery Grand Rounds”, from Juha’s Hospital in Henan

Saturday, 8 pm China time, 8 am EST, 2 pm CET, 5:30 pm IST, 9:00 pm JAPAN, Grand Opening of “Central China Neurosurgery Grand Rounds”, based on mentorship of Juha Hernesniemi MD, who is based in Central China’s at Henan Provincial Peoples Hospital, International Center for Neurosurgery, Zhengzhou, China. Juha has been dedicated to spreading Education of the Chinese Neurosurgery Community for years and we hope to provide a Meeting point of both Western and Eastern Neurosurgery Communities.
There are two presentations this week, and the format may evolve to whatever Juha feels may be needed in Education. Juha will normally not attend the webcast, Zoom, but will monitor the content on YouTube, interact, and adjust the future content accordingly.

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