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NOW LIVE………….LIVE……………………..Wednesday, 5 pm CET, EANS Online presents, “Update on the Management of Chordomas”

Wednesday, March 22,

5 pm CET, 11 am EST, LIVE

, “Update on the Management of Chordomas”

We are glad to invite you to the next EANS webinar: Update on the management of chordomas hosted by the EANS Skull Base Section.

The invited speakers are: Michaël Bruneau (also a Moderator and Chair of the Skull Base Section), Tom Boterberg, Sébastien Froelich, Diego Mazzatenta, Thibault Passeri, Henry Schroeder and Massimiliano Visocchi.

Here is a Chat GPT result, when prompting, “Update on the Management of Chordomas”, here:

We CANNOT verify the the facts of the post, and we would appreciate your feedback,

Supposedly, accuracy is supposed to improve with Chat 4.0, we will see.


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