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WAS LIVE, from the BSG February 20, 2024, “The Policy, Business, and Economics of Neurosurgery”

NOW LIVE, from the BSG, “The Policy, Business, and Economics of Neurosurgery”

Now, LIVE, from the Brain/Spine Group

Brain & Spine Group is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established to improve brain and spine health. After all, your brain and spine are the parts of you that make you – YOU! BSG was founded in 2019 with our initial focus set on improving education of future brain and spine physicians. Our channel was originally the Medical Student Neurosurgery Training Center, but we have since updated our brand to reflect our continued growth in size and scope – we are excited to further our impact through research and public engagement! Help us improve brain and spine health by tuning into our live stream, subscribing on Twitch & YouTube, liking and following us on social media, and donating! Brain & Spine Group goes Live every week – Don’t miss us!

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