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was LIVE, March 1, 2024from Brain and Spine Group of New Jersey, “Termination Tumors! Confronting Glioma and Glioblastoma Head-On”




Today, March 1, 2024, Join us as we delve deep into the realm of neuro-oncology with our seminar series, “Terminating Tumors! Confronting Glioma & Glioblastoma Head-On”. We’re tackling these formidable brain adversaries by unpacking the complexities of Glioma and Glioblastoma. Our expert-led sessions will navigate the latest advancements in diagnosis, treatment options, and emerging research, offering hope and new strategies in the fight against these aggressive brain tumors. Whether you’re a medical professional, a student, or someone affected by these conditions, this series aims to empower you with knowledge and the latest insights in neuro-oncological care. Join the battle to understand and overcome Glioma and Glioblastoma. Together, we can make strides toward better outcomes.

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