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Was LIVE …..January 19, 2023, MINIMALLY INVASIVE SPINE/BRAIN FORUM, led by Asheesh Tandon MD, with two presentations

FRIDAY, 7:30 IST, 9 am EST, 3 pm CET, 10:00 pm CHINA
MINIMALLY INVASIVE SPINE/BRAIN FORUM, chaired by Asheesh Tandon , based in Japalpur, India, former fellow of Charles Teo MD, with two presentations.


1) Asheesh Tandon MD (BIO: ) presents

“Vascular Anomalies and Surgical Strategies in CVMJ Disorders”

2) Dr. Sushil Patkar (BIO: ) is presenting “Simplifyinhg Atlantoaxial Fixation”


1) Dr YR Yadav, President of NSI (BIO: )

2) Dr Nitin Jagdane (BIO: )

ZOOM LINK: OR THIS LINK…/reg…/WN_rnz_vLdvT12ingLCKgS8mQ

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