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WAS LIVE, JANUARY 31, 2023, from Brain and Spine Group of Vanderbilt University, Webinar Series 1.1: Craniosynostosis Overview

Join us on Tuesday, January 31st at 8PM EST for Webinar 1.1 Craniosynostoses Overview with Dr. Christopher Bonfield, where he will provide an overview of Craniosynostosis, including pathophysiology, epidemiology, and diagnostic evaluation. January 31st (8PM EST): Webinar 1.1 with Dr. Christopher Bonfield.

‚óŹ Learning Objectives o Provide medical students with a fundamental understanding of the embryology, epidemiology, and natural history of craniosynostosis. o Educate medical students on clinical and surgical anatomy relevant to craniosynostosis. o Identify the most common clinical manifestations of craniosynostosis. o Review key neuroradiological findings in pituitary adenomas. o Discuss treatment options for pituitary adenomas, including indications for operative interventions versus conservative therapy. o Examine recent advances in the management of craniosynostosis. o Evaluate the current literature guiding decision-making and best practices in the evaluation and management of craniosynostosis. o Consider the ethical dilemmas that might arise when treating a patient with pituitary adenomas. o Engage with leading experts in the field of craniosynostosis surgery.

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