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Live Case Presentations from Nepal with Iype Cherian MD, Right Here!

Greetings! Announcing the first in the series of Neurosurgical.TV Teaching cases LIVE on Google Hangouts.
Saturday at 10:15 EST, and 8 a.m. Sunday  Nepal time, we have the head of the Nepal Neuroscience Program and head of Neurosurgical education at the Asian Congress of Neurosurgeon, Iype Cherian MD.

Tonight, he will be presenting cases from the past few days which he has treated:

1) Acom Aneurysm

2) Exposure of the Basilar in a Very Tight Brain
with a Cisterostomy

The presentation will be on the front page of LIVE
NO registration is necessary

If you are a Neurosurgeon or a Neurosurical resident, you are welcome to be on the panel, just email me that you want to be on panel, and your contact info, and i will instuct you on how to get in
John Bennett MD

otherwise you can watch on the front page of www.Neurosurgical.TV

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