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“Changing Trends in Vascular Neurosurgery” webinar from Japan, Monday, Dec 23, from the III Fujita Health University Alumni Webinar

On  23/12/2019 from 7pm Japanese Time, the III Fujita Health University Alumni webinar will occur. The Theme:

” Advances and Changing trends In Vascular Neurosurgery”


7-7.15 pm         Prof Giacomo Pavesi    MCA aneurysm treatment : is it always a microsurgical matter

7.15-7.30 pm    Prof Raja Kutty            Evolution of Aneurysm surgery- From Past to Present and Future

7.30-7.45 pm    Prof Miyachi                Trends of embolization for aneurysms and AVMs


7.45-7.55 pm    Dr Riccardo Stanzani    Early rescue bypass surgery for acute coil migration

7.55- 8.05 pm   Dr Gowtham                Computational flow dynamics in aneurysm surgery

8.05-8.15  pm   Dr Firuz                       Anterior wall aneurysms of ICA

8.15-8.25  pm   Dr Binoy                      Surgical outcome of UCA saccular aneurysms in Octogenerians

8.25-8.35 pm    Dr Habib                      Transcondylar fossa approach to posterior circulation aneurysms

8.35-8.45 pm    Dr Satish Kannan         Protocol of Fujita Bantane hospital

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