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Russian Neurosurgical Resident skills competition broadcast NOW, LIVE HERE, from Tyumen, Russia

Today, on Day #2 of the “Neurosurgery Olympics” of basic Neurosurgical skills from Tyumen, Russia, we are featuring “Bone Drilling” on a Lamb’s head.
Bone Drilling, as all Neurosurgeons, and perhaps, Orthopedists know, is an essential tool to the craft of Neurosurgery.
Here’s the info from the prior day:
On April, 2-4, Federal Centre of Neurosurgery in Tyumen, Siberia, Russia,  hosts an International Students’ Competition in neurosurgery.  This center is one of the Neurosurgery research centers in Russia. 
 It includes several contests: the 1st day – the test in theory, containing tasks in neurosurgical terminology, neuroanatomy and MRI and CT images deciphering, and English language test. At the 1st stage there were 45 participants. According to the results of the 1st day 20 best students will be accepted to the second stage which is a practical part, including microanastomosis, drilling and nerve reconstruction.
Three winners will be granted with a free of charge place in the residency at the chair of Neurosurgery of the 1st Sechenov State Medical University, which is a clinical base is Federal Centre of Neurosurgery. Professor Albert Sufianov is the head of both the chair of neurosurgery in MSMU and Federal Centre of Neurosurgery.
On, April 4th, as for the schedule, the practical part will start at about 9:00 am. he first part will finish at about 1 pm local time, it will be microanastomosis on the chicken wings. The next contest, which is drilling and nerve suturing, will start at 2 pm and finish at 5 pm, after that the closing ceremony with certificates will take place. During the lab work those students who will be not accepted for practice will have the opportunity so see the lectures and live surgery transmittion at the conference hall.

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