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” Neurosurgical Operative Anatomy” Series, #5 and #6 Recorded, was LIVE HERE


Samer Hoz MD, has taken the initiative to start a “Series” of Neurosurgery Lectures, with the Theme for this on “Neurosurgical Operative Anatomy”.

It will consist of 10 separate Presentations around this time, every Sunday for the next 10 Sundays, hopefully, but you know a busy Neurosurgeon’s schedule!

Samer’s Bio:
-FRCS( neurosurgery)-Glasgow
-Dual trained vascular neurosurgeon, anatomist and researcher.


WEEK #6: “The Anatomical Variants”

WEEK #5: Physio-Anatomical Variations

WEEK #4: “The Upside Down Operative Anatomy”

WEEK #3: “How to Study the Operative Neuroanatomy”

WEEK #2: “Bridging the Gap between Snell’s and Rhoton’s Neuroanatomy”

WEEK #1: Introductiion to Series of Lectures in “Neurosurgical Operative Anatomy”

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