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Neurosurgery Super Sunday Recorded yesterday, was LIVE: Presentations: Mike Sughrue MD, “Connectomes”, Iype Cherian “Acomm Aneurysms”

Final Edited Version of Todays Neurosurgery Super Sunday; you can see evidence of the crack editing team at work, don’t ya? Had a Sudan Neurosurgeon briefly attend the conferences, Mujahid Imam┬áin spite of the difficulties there, thanks!

Two presentations:

Mike Sughrue MD is from Oklahoma, a much sought-after pioneer Neurosurgeon for Minimally Invasive Glioma Surgery, currently doing research in China, now based at Prince Wales Hospital in Sydney Australia. Iype Cherian MD is a frequent speaker, and just did a Smart Phone Power Point presentation to a group of Cameroon Med Students a few days back….

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