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-students aiding the Nepal Neuroscience Project, to create a Neurosurgical Teaching Center in Biratnagar, Nepal


The Neurosherpas…
Entering into medical college with a naïve mind, ready to absorb the humidity of knowledge in the
surrounding air, a medical student beautifully molds himself into a piece of didactic passion,
intelligence and an all-rounder performance. The array of rotations during trainee years creates
constant loops in deciding our choices of specialty, and when it comes to the time of decisionmaking,
we are at a complete loss!
Asia harbors a vast cultural and social diversity with a majority of population contributed by the
youth. A small proportion of this age sector comprises medical students who have the audacity
enough to sacrifice the voyage of adolescence and commit to the cause of serving humanity through
this Nobel profession. Even daring are those who tend to opt for Neurosurgery as their career-the
Neurosherpas… the path of this practice is not different from climbing the Himalayas. The constant
need to be on your feet, stay focused and learn from your mistakes is exactly what it takes to be a
good neurosurgeon. It is a steep path that will only take you to heights once you keep your grip
steady; only to hike that peak one day…
Keeping the vision of making education in the reach of those who are not with us, the Asian
Congress of Neurological Surgeons has spread it wings ahead to focus on the educational courses
provided worldwide. Through its various workshops, the ACNS has already trained numerous young
neurosurgeons with the advances in techniques and discovering better approaches to neurosurgical
care. We intend to take a step further, and widen our circle to include the core of our communitythe
medical students who wish to develop their interest in Neurosurgery. The ACNS will conduct econference
with a devised curriculum, under the supervision of elite Neurosurgeons around the
world to let these Neurosherpas familiarize with the field, broaden their knowledge and develop a
bond with the family of Neurosurgery. It will equally provide a chance for the great minds to open up
and unveil their talents in front of the world. The ACNS Neurosherpas is a wing that will take us even
high, with the strength of the medical students aiming to pursue Neurosurgery.
Your willingness and contributions as a team will help us develop and modify our goals as the need
would be. We encourage all young medical students, to join this family and honor us with your
valuable presence in our upcoming virtual conferences, and make use of the global network of the
internet to connect and bridge the gaps by spreading knowledge!



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Jessica Sanam
Rajat gupta
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