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NOW, LIVE LIVE…, from the WFNS, “NeuroRadiology”, a Woman’s Day Special, with 6 presentations

TUESDAY, MARCH 8th, 7 am EST, 5:30 pm IST, 8 pm CHINA, 9 pm JAPAN

“NeuroRadiology”, a Woman’s Day Special, with 6 presentations
Welcome by The Organizer 6:55-7:00
Dr. Noor ul huda Maria
Welcome Address by The Director : The Role of Women Neurosurgeons in The Progress of Neurosurgery ” 7:00-7:10 Prof.Luis Borba
1) “The Role of Neurosurgeons on Neuroradiology Through the Time, Personal Experience “—-Prof.Nelci Zanon 7:10- 7:30am
2) “Invention and Innovation : Global Perspectives” Prof. Najia El-Abbadi 7:30-7:50
3) “Brain Radiology A-Z: How to Read the Brain Radiologically ” by Prof.Fauzia Sajjad
4) “Cerebral Angiography: All You Need to Know” Dr.Luana Gatto 8:50-9:30
5) “DTI and fMRI” Assoc.Prof.Carolina Benjamin 9:30-9:50
6) “ALARA Principles For Reducing Radiation Exposure” Dr.Noor ul Huda Maria 9:55-10:05
QnA and Discussion


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