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WAS LIVE April 19, 2022…… from the IANA, Neuroanatomy Interactive Discussions, honoring Fred Gentili MD

TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, NOON, GMT. 8 am EST, 2 pm CET, 5:30 pm IST, 8 pm CHINA, 9 pm JAPAN….


On behalf the International Academy of Neurosurgical Anatomy (IANA) we are pleased to and launch the “2nd online dynamic educational course” to promote sound clinical judgement, enhance neurosurgical skills of young neurosurgeons and trainees around the globe, infuse their challenges and respond to their inquiries.

The course will encompass special presentations by distinguished faculties, case discussion and short video sessions reflecting the importance of anatomical knowledge associated with the neurosurgical intervention.


Vladimír Beneš & Imad Kanaan
IANA President & IANA Honorary President


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