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Nepal Medical TV

I propose that we start a Nepal Medical TV Station, based at Nobel Medical Center.  A typical show would a appear like THIS and THIS

Initially there will be 9 Hub hospitals, with Nobel at the center of the HUB.

Nobel Medical College
Nepalgunj Medical College
Chitwan Medical College
Nepal Medical College
Universal College of Medical Sciences & Teaching Hospital
B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences
Manipal College of Medical Sciences
Bir Hospital
Lumbini Medical College & Research Center Pvt. Ltd.

Nobel will organize and maintain a network of these hospitals jointed by the internet, and holding weekly educational sessions in

1) Anesthesiology
2) Cardiology
3) Dermatology
4) Emergency Medicine
5) Family Practice
6) Infectious Disease
7) Neurology
8) Neurosurgery
9) Obstetrics
10) Orthopedics
11) Ophthalmology
12) Radiology
13) Pediatrics
14) Surgery
15) Urology

Each of these hospitals will contribute speakers to speak on relevant topics in that specialty; they would appear like THIS and THIS; other hospitals in the network will participate and provie panelists. Each of these sessions will be televised into conference rooms of the hospitals, and interaction will be encouraged.

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