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Monday, 5:30 pm IST, NeuroIMC#3, with 5 Presentations on Giant Carotid Aneuryms LIVE, led by Luis Lopez Ibor MD


Tomorrow, Monday, 7 pm China time, 7 am EST, 1 pm CET, 4:30 pm IST, NeuroIMC Session #3, webcast of NeuroInterventional Radiology, has FIVE Presentations:

1) Pedro Lylyk MD, Neurointerventionist from Argentina:

“Endovascular Treatment in Giant Carotids: Part 1”

2) Dr. Bai MD, from Henan, China:

“Endovascular Treatment in Giant Carotid: Part 2”

3) Luis Lopez Ibor MD, from Madrid, Spain:

“Endovascular Treatment in Giant Carotid Aneurysms”

4) Juha Hernesniemi MD, from Finland, now in China:

“Surgery in Giant Carotid Aneuryms”

5) Bin Xu MD, from Shanghai, China:

“Bypass in Giant Carotid Aneuryms”

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